July 1, 2016


The supervision of the Microscope mission is under the responsibility of a CNES-ESA-ONERA-DLR-INSU-GEOAZUR-ZARM Steering Committee.

The Principal Investigator is Pierre Touboul (ONERA).

The CNES is responsible for the entire system development and the satellite design. It finances the project up to 90% and is prime contractorship: it is in charge of the development of the satellite platform, integration and tests of the satellite until its launch, design and operation of the Control Centre.

ONERA is responsible for the accelerometric instrument and the Scientific Mission Centre development and coordinates the scientific exploitation of the mission.

The Géoazur laboratory (Côte d'Azur Observatory and CNRS) participates in the preparation of the mission plan and prepares the scientific processing in collaboration with ONERA.

The European Space Agency supplies the microthruster system.

DLR funds the materials for the instrument's proof masses and the German participations of PTB and ZARM.

PTB, the German metrology laboratory, carries out the machining and metrology of the test masses.

ZARM participates in the ground validation of the instrument performances by conducting preliminary tests in its drop tower.

The performance group under PI responsibility is composed of members of CNES, ONERA, Géoazur and, ZARM.