June 29, 2016


The Microscope satellite is constituted of:

  • a microsatellite platform whose general design is based on the Myriade generic platform but also integrates new equipment and special functions for this mission.
    • There is no orbit control with hydrazine thrusters; they are replaced by a set of cold gas microthrusters (nitrogen) set upon four corners of the cubic structure.
    • The attitude control uses the two payload accelerometers and the microthrusters. It is performed together with a new acceleration control function which enables to nullify all the non gravitational components measured by the accelerometers.
    • The solar generator, specially developed for this satellite, is composed of two rigid panels which do not turn because the orientation of the satellite guarantees a permanent pointing toward the Sun, thus avoiding the generation of parasite disturbances for the mission.

  • a payload, installed at the centre of the satellite, and formed by:
    • A T-SAGE instrument made of two independent SAGE differential accelerometers, each possessing a mechanical module and an electronic control unit, plus a joint electronic unit for the interface with the satellite,
    • A lattice structure equipped with thermal protection which holds the sensitive units and maintains a constant temperature, the Payload Assembly Subsystem.

    The whole satellite has a mass of 300 kg with dimensions under the fairing much larger than those of the other Myriade satellites: 1.4 m x 1 m x 1.5 m.

    Schema Satellite Microscope avec les gén&eacu;rateurs Solaires déployés   Schema Satellite Microscope ouvert en intégration  
    Drawings of the satellite with its solar panels deployed and platform opened.

    Microscope satellite at the end of its life

    Drawing of the satellite in its end-of-life configuration