July 1, 2016

Ground segment

The Microscope ground segment is composed of three entities:

Microscope Ground Segment

A Command Control Ground Segment: MIGS (MIcrosatellite Ground Segment) which, for the operational phase, will be composed of three main parts:

  • A Command Control Centre (CCC). This component gathers a nominal centre and a redundant centre.
  • A Telemetry and TeleCommand Earth Terminal 2 GHz (TTCET).
  • A Data Communication Network.

A Drag Compensation Expertise Centre (CECT) which is the main part of the Microscope operations. It has a double role in the expertise of the satellite functions directly participating in the scientific mission and Microscope's specific operational activities: the elaboration of the programming in association with the SMC, the generation of telecommands for the instrument and the SCAA, the restitution of attitude and orbit, and calculating the remaining cold gas.

A Microscope Scientific Mission Centre which gathers the instrument telecommand preparation functions, instrument operating optimisation, processing, archiving and scientific data delivery. It is being developed under ONERA's responsibility in collaboration with the Géoazur laboratory (Côte d'Azur Observatory and CNRS) for the processing software programmes.