September 25, 2015

Integration of Microscope satellite

Evolution of the integration of Microscope microsatellite at CNES, Toulouse

Microscope satellite is in integration. The operations begun by the integration of the T-Sage accelerometers instrument of the satellite at Toulouse space center.


© CNES/GIRARD Sébastien, 24/10/2014


Integration of the accelerometers of the T-SAGE instrument which are the core of Microscope satellite payload.
© CNES/GIRARD Sébastien, 24/10/2014

The 2 accelerometers were then covered by a shielding then the MLI and won't be visible anymore.
The payload bloc once integrated is placed at the center of the satellite platform, not a common integration for a payload to be inside the satellite platform.


Microscope satellite platform at Toulouse space center
© CNES/GIRARD Sébastien, 05/11/2014


Platform and payload coupling operation for Microscope satellite at CNES Toulouse.
© CNES/GRIMAULT Emmanuel, 21/01/2015

The operation took place on Wednesday January 21, 2015 in the white room of BIS building, it was nomminal.


Continuation of Microscope satellite platform integration at CST.
© CNES/GIRARD Sébastien, 09/09/2015

Microscope (MICRO-Satellite à traînée Compensée pour l'Observation du Principe d'Equivalence) is the third microsatellite of CNES' Myriade series. It is dedicated to a fundamental physics experiment.
Its main scientific objective is the test of the Equivalence Principle with a precision a hundred times better than the one obtained in the experiments made on Earth.

Microscope will be in test at Intespace from October 2 to the end of December 2015.